Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

Drop off Procedure

Please do not drop off your student in the front of the building in the morning as there will be buses dropping kids off and picking other kids up at that time.   Drop your child off in the back of the school in the morning. This line needs to keep moving, so if your child needs assistance, you will need to park in the parking lot.

Pick up Procedure

School release time is 2:15.  Please do not pick your child up early unless it is an emergency.  Every minute of class time is important.

At the end of the day, pick up your student under the breezeway on the west wall of the gym. Pull your car forward as far as possible.  Never leave your car unattended and keep moving forward in line. Thank you for your patience while waiting.

At the end of each day, teachers will bring their students out the front door of the building to be dismissed.  Do not come into the building to pick up your student.  This is to ensure the safety of every student.